Marina, a beautiful young mermaid, longs to leave her ocean home to live in the dry world above. But first, she has to defy her father – Neptune, the King of the Sea; escape the
clutches of the evil Sea Witch; and convince a prince that she’s the perfect girl with the perfect voice… when she cannot speak! 

The Little Mermaid – Synopsis

Hans Christian Andersen, the great ‘spinner of tales’, introduces his story of The Little Mermaid.

Marina the mermaid lives ‘down at the bottom’ of the sea on the seabed in Atlantis, with her friends Tubby the Tuna and Sebastian the Crab.

On her fifteenth birthday, her father tells Marina that she is now old enough to swim to the surface (something that she has secretly been doing for quite a while). She possesses the most beautiful and enchanting singing voice, one that is coveted by the “unpleasant, vain, jealous and heavily-tentacled” Ursula the Sea Witch.

Marina sits singing on the rocks and sees a ship go past, where a handsome Prince Harry the Handsome is also celebrating his birthday. Harry is immediately enchanted by the beautiful singing, but a sudden storm blows up and wrecks his boat upon the rocks. Marina has no hesitation in rescuing Prince Harry and the crew from drowning. The Prince vows to wed the person who saved his life – the owner of ‘that voice’!

Marina decides she needs some feet, so she can sing and dance with the Prince up on the dryland. Tubby inadvertently suggests that Marina visits Ursula to see if she can help. ‘One way or another’, Ursula is determined to capture Marina’s voice, so when she is approached to help Marina swap her mermaid’s tail for legs, she grasps the opportunity. But, Marina, with her new-found legs, must dance with a prince within three days, or she will turn to sea foam and die.

Ursula, now with Marina’s voice, tricks the prince who believes it was Ursula who saved him. Billy Bob finds the Captain, who is wandering the beach and wondering how he’s going to earn a living now his boat has been shipwrecked. They sing about the sea. Marina arrives on the beach, she has legs but no voice and has difficulty in telling them what has happened.

While King Neptune is reluctantly performing the wedding ceremony, he is interrupted by the Captain, Billy Bob and Marina – together they try to ensure everyone lives happily under the sea.

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